2023 Acquisition Highlights

January 2023

City of North York scroll issued to the Jewish War Veterans of CanadaIn January, the OJA was pleased to acquire material documenting the Jewish War Veterans of Canada. The accession consists of twelve centimetres of textual records and approximately ninety photographs. The materials were stored in the fourth-floor boardroom of the former office of the Jewish War Veterans of Canada before being transferred to the OJA. Shown here is a document from the City of North York and signed by controller Norm Gardner and mayor Mel Lastman "in recognition of the exceptional contribution you [i.e., the veterans] have made to Our City." It was presented to the veterans on 6 June 1988, the fourtieth anniversary of the landing of the Allied forces in Normandy, France. Fun fact: Mayor Lastman became Toronto's third Jewish mayor after the amalgamation of Metro Toronto and its six constituent municipalties in 1988.