Themed Topics

The collections at the OJA cover an array of research topics. Explore some of the most popular people, organizations, and subjects at the OJA for a glimpse into the richness of our collections and the possiblities for further discovery!


The OJA holds the records of many individuals who have made important contributions to the Jewish communities of Ontario. Explore the fascinating stories of people who have helped shape Jewish communal life in the province.


Organizations have had a profound impact on Jewish communal life in the province. From philanthropy to immigrant aid to health services to senior support, Jewish values of Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam is supported by the work of a plethora of Jewish organizations, big and small.


There are many reoccuring themes in the records of the OJA that have become popular research subjects for scholars, students, journalists and the general public as well. These subjects are often explored through the records found in multiple collections.