Dr. John E. Ackerman

Dr. John E. Ackerman was a Toronto-born dentist with a life-long passion for photography. For over sixty years, he captured every day life in Toronto, summer excursions, his military experiences during the Second World War, Jewish community events, world travels, and more.

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown was one of the first practicing Jewish architects in Toronto. He designed and built many structures including the Beth Jacob Synagogue on Henry Street, the Balfour and Tower buildings on Spadina Avenue, and the Primrose Club on Wilcocks Street.

Dworkin Family

Dorothy and Henry Dworkin were known as community leaders committed to the health and well-being of the burgeoning community. They worked tirelessly to assist thousands of European Jews with their Canadian immigration process.

Sol Edell

Sol Edell was a prominent member of Toronto's Jewish community who initially pursued a career as a pharmacist and later founded and ran the property development company Elmdale Investments. 

Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert is one of Canada's premier portrait photographers. His studio has been photographing people and events for over ninety years, including simchas and other functions held by members of Toronto's Jewish community.

Ben Kayfetz

Benjamin Gershon Kayfetz was the youngest of four children, born in 1916 in Toronto. He would grow up to become a leading figure in the Jewish community through his work as a Canadian Jewish public servant, journalist, broadcaster, and human rights activist.

Latchman Triplets

Donald, Marvin, and Victor Latchman were Toronto’s first Jewish male identical triplets. They were born on 5 November 1933.

Sammy Luftspring

In the 1930s, Luftspring was a famous boxer and referee, known for his fighting prowess as well as his Jewish pride, always sporting a Star of David on his boxing shorts.

Gordon Mendly

Immigrating from Poland at the age of twenty, Gordon Mendly became one of the Toronto Jewish community’s most prolific photographers, documenting Jewish events and family occasions for over five decades.

Joseph B. Salsberg

Joseph Baruch Salsberg was a labour union leader, political activist, politician, insurance salesman, and journalist. He was also active in various Jewish organizations and was committed to social justice, the plight of the working class, and the preservation of Jewish culture.

Sylvia Schwartz

Sylvia Schwartz was a prominent portrait photographer in Toronto, capturing images of families, servicemen during the war, and brides. She eventually carved out a niche specializing in child portraiture.

Ida Siegel

Ida Lewis Siegel was instrumental in the founding and development of several prominent Jewish organizations. Active in the educational sector, she was internationally known for her devotion to Jewish learning and her contributions to Toronto's Jewish community.

Dora Till

Dora Tobias was born in New York City on 20 March 1896 to Max and Yeta Tobias. Till was an important figure in the Jewish community through her lifelong work of improving Jewish life, health, and welfare.

Dr. Fred Weinberg


Dr. Fred Weinberg

Dr. Fred Weinberg led a prestigious and pioneering career in paediatric medicine that spanned over fifty years. He specialized in attention deficit fisorder and was a noted collector of Judaica and antique medical instruments, as well as an accomplished Yiddishist, lecturer, and published writer.

Dr. A. I. Willinsky

Dr. Abraham Isaac Willinsky was one of Toronto’s earliest Jewish doctors, a founding member of the Toronto Jewish Medical Association, and an amateur filmmaker.