Ontario's Small Jewish Communities

This is a legacy exhibition and content is no longer being updated. Many Flash elements many not function properly. See below for direct links to the various community pages.

In November 2009, the Ontario Jewish Archives launched Ontario's Small Jewish Communities, an extraordinary online project including approximately 250 pages of original historic text, over 500 photographs, 109 audio and video clips, 94 archival documents and 18 maps and architectural plans. It also includes hypertext links to pertinent web sites, a number of slideshows, and finally, pop up screens of the digitized items that are featured on the site.

This online exhibition remains a very popular resource for people researching Jewish life around the province of Ontario.

The project was made possible by a grant received in 2005 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The initiative involved partnerships with the Regional Jewish Communities of Ontario (RJCO) and the Ontario Historical Society (OHS). In turn, further partnerships were sought out and secured with local heritage organizations, synagogues, community organizations and individuals. In all, there were 15 staff and contract workers and close to 200 partners and donors involved in creating this virtual exhibit.

To view the online exhibition please click here. (new window will open)

For Kitchener Waterloo: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/kitchener-waterloo/

For Cornwall: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/cornwall/

For Belleville: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/belleville/

For Kingston: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/kingston/

For Peterborough: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/peterborough/

For St. Catharines: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/stcatharines/

For Niagara Falls: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/niagarafalls/

For Owen Sound: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/owensound/

For North Bay: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/northbay/

For Sudbury: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/sudbury/

For Thunder Bay: https://ontariojewisharchives.org/exhibits/osjc/communities/thunderbay/


  1. OJA staff registering guests for the event as they arrive. From left to right: Carolyn Harris, Laura Tipton and Melissa Caza.
  2. Brooky Robins, Henry Muller and Susan Jackson.
  3. Web content managers - Tristen Brown and Dan Ehrenworth - chatting with Dr. Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin.
  4. Perry Romberg delivering his address.
  5. Robert Leverty at the podium giving his speech.
  6. Dr. Salsberg Ezrin presenting the Trillium plaque to Dr. Ellen Scheinberg and Brooky Robins from the OJA. From left to right: Monte Kwinter, Brooky Robins, Dr. Ellen Scheinberg and Dr. Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin.
  7. Demonstration of the virtual exhibit.
  8. Refreshment table and historic photo display.
  9. The Stitt family, originally from Thunder Bay. Standing left, Lansa Parker (née Lorelea Safir), also of Thunder Bay.
  10. Joel Cohen, Gordon Strauss and Judy Feld Carr discuss the display.
  11. The Brewda family from Peterborough.