50th Anniversary Exhibition

Title: OJA's 50th Anniversary Scrapbook
Date: February-November, 2024
Location: Sonshine Way, Sheff Family Building, Sherman Campus, 4588 Bathurst St., Toronto
Also visit the OJA's anniversary website to explore our featured collections: oja50.org

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Ontario Jewish Archives (OJA) is pleased to present its newest exhibition, the OJA’s “50th Anniversary Scrapbook.” Through the beautifully illustrated display of archival records, the exhibition guides visitors on a journey to discover the diverse experiences and achievements of Ontario’s Jewish community, and to consider the central role of archives in preserving and connecting us to those stories.

Now, the largest repository of Jewish life in Canada, the exhibition demonstrates the depth of the collection, and features fifty stories from the thousands of individual record donations that have contributed to the archive’s remarkable evolution and growth.

Celebrate our community’s history! Visit the exhibition to connect, explore, and learn stories of our community’s past and ongoing history.

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