Below you will find information about what sorts of personal and family records the OJA is looking for.

Why we collect personal and family records

Personal and family records make up a key part of our mandate as they provide a unique look at Jewish life in the province. From our point of view, no one’s story is too small and no one’s family is too modest to be of interest.

Records we are interested in

Generally, the OJA is interested in:
• photographs
• personal correspondence
• diaries and journals
• speeches
• writings
• artwork, drawings, doodles
• occupational/professional records
• videos and film

Records we are not interested in

Generally, the OJA is not interested in:
• copies (as opposed to originals)
• poor quality photographs
• photographs with little or no identification
• cheque stubs and receipts
• loose envelopes
• travel documents such as airline tickets or brochures
• unused items like blank notebooks
• plaques and other mounted items
• published books and religious texts
• records originating outside Ontario unless essential to the person or family's story

Get in touch

To speak with an archivist about donating your records, give us a call at 416.635.5391. Or send us an email!