Bearing Witness

Photo: Ottawa Rally for Israel, 4 Dec. 2023. Ontario Jewish Archives.

You make history. Your stories are crucial to the historical record. Your experiences and actions matter.

The Ontario Jewish Archives (OJA) is partnering with the National Library of Israel (NLI) to collect local materials that tell the story of the aftermath of October 7 in Ontario, including the rise in antisemitism in our community and the response from the Jewish community.

This collaboration is part of Bearing Witness, a global effort led by NLI to collect and preserve materials that document what happened on October 7 and its aftermath, including actions and reactions around the world, all of which together tell the story of this challenging moment in our history. 

As the trusted custodian of Jewish heritage in the province of Ontario, we are working with NLI to ensure that the province’s experiences and the actions of our community become part of this global initiative and are made widely accessible for research and education. This collaboration with NLI not only underscores the deep connections between Ontario’s Jewish communities and Israel but also helps amplify the importance of sharing your experiences to document this unfolding history.

Your photographs, videos, social media posts, and more, are important parts of our shared story, the story we want to preserve and tell. 

  • Have you read or written meaningful speeches, prayers, poems, or sermons?
  • Did you participate in a demonstration or rally? Did you take a selfie there? Did you make a sign?
  • Do you have any documentation of antisemitic incidents or responses to antisemitism?

Submit Materials

Please note, both the OJA and NLI are committed to acquiring documentation that reflects a wide range of viewpoints representing many perspectives. Materials submitted are donated to both the OJA and the NLI through the NLI’s portal.  Once catalogued, these records will then be shared back with the OJA to become part of our permanent collection.

Share your experiences and become part of the historic record, preserved, and made accessible at both the OJA and NLI, for present and future generations to explore.

If you are an organization and have physical records to donate, please reach out to the OJA directly.

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