Volunteer Policy

1. Volunteers are those individuals or groups who perform a service requested or agreed upon and supervised by the Ontario Jewish Archives without monetary payment or tax receipt. Such individuals or groups agree to follow the policies of the OJA.

2. Volunteers support and supplement paid professional staff.

3. All volunteers (including groups) should meet with the Director before commencing any volunteer work. This will provide potential volunteers with the opportunity to highlight their interests and skills.

4. All new volunteers will be provided with a site orientation and training, tailored to their area of interest and service.

5. Occasionally, the OJA provides special workshops and outings for volunteers and occasionally hosts dinners or lunches to show its appreciation for the volunteers’contribution to the OJA.

6. Volunteers agree to accept the decisions and guidance of professional staff in the performance of their duties.

7. In the event of unsuccessful performance, a volunteer can be relieved of their responsibilities.

8. The copyright of material produced by volunteers for the OJA is held by the Ontario Jewish Archives.

9. This policy will be subject to periodic review by the OJA and may be changed without notice