Directory Search Tips

This database gives you the option to search the directories by keyword, or to browse the directories by page. 

To Search

The directories can be searched by typing your search names into the keyword search box. To narrow your search results, try to be as specific as possible and limit your search to one section of the directory, such as the residential listings. Or, try entering additional keywords by using the “and”, “or” and “not” buttons. These options limit the search results to those lines in the directories that match all of your specific search criteria.

Spelling variations

You may find that there are several variations in spelling of common last names. For example, Siegel is also listed as Siegal, Sigal, Sigel, Segal, Segel, and Seegal. To reduce the number of spellings that you need to enter, one option is to enter one spelling and then simply scroll through the appropriate section of the directory by using the “next page” and “previous page” buttons.

Address and occupation search

You can also use the keyword option to search by address or occupation. When searching by address, omit the address designations from your search, such as avenue, street or road. To search by occupation, you will need to search using the abbreviated terms originally used in the directory. Click here for a list of occupational search terms. (pdf  will open)

To Browse

You can browse through an entire directory by accessing the “To View” option of the database. Simply enter a page number and use the “next page” and “previous page” buttons. To start at the cover page of a directory, enter the page number “0-1”.

Search Results

The search results screen provides a list of the pages that contain your search term(s). The list indicates the page number, the year of the directory, and the section of the directory in which the search term(s) was found. To view a result, click on the “view” option and the selected page will be displayed. To return to the list of search results, click the “Back to Search Results” button.