A Soldier's Gear

Canadian servicemen were each issued a range of items to use overseas. The items would vary, depending on the branch of the military and regiment that they served, as well as the theatre of operation (battle field) involved. Most were issued regular and dress uniforms, and those in combat typically received ammo boots and a Mark II, III, or IV style helmet for protection.

When in the field, the men often carried a belt and harness containing ammunition, as well as pouches, a canvas bag, a backpack, a mess kit and a canteen to hold water. Many also brought along a fighting knife and were issued a rifle for combat purposes.

Those serving also received special supplies or kits to take care of their personal and hygienic needs. These items would have included: a razor and blades, a toothbrush, foot powder and soap. Typically, the men had to purchase their own shaving cream, soap and toothpaste, which would have been available through the canteen (military shop). Many of them also received special packages from their loved ones and the CJC, containing cigarettes, socks and foodstuffs from home.

Finally, the military maintained a very high standard when it came to cleanliness and efficiency, subsequently, the servicemen were issued many items intended to help them maintain their uniforms and equipment. Some of the items that they received would have included: cleaning polish and cloths, a sewing kit, shoe polish, and a gun-cleaning kit.