The 1950s

In 1952, Judy Feld-Carr's father, Jack Leve, decided that his daughter would be the first girl to undertake a Bat Mitzvah in Sudbury. Beth Tzedec Congregation in Toronto had introduced this practice at that time and Mr. Leve was determined to have his daughter experience it at Shaar Hashomayim. The Rabbi, who was dedicated to Orthodox Judaism, was somewhat concerned about performing the service. Some members of the congregation were wary as well. Despite their feelings, he forced the issue and was able to sway them to make an exception for Judy. Her Bat Mitzvah served as the event that swayed the congregation to join the Conservative movement.

"You will move with your wife"
'You will move with your wife'

Judy Feld Carr recounts how her father was the catalyst to the synagogue's shift to Conservative Judaism.

Interview with Judy Feld Carr, 1 August, 2007, Sharon Gubbay Helfer. OJA, Oral History #320

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