Like their co-religionists in other small towns in Ontario, Jews from Niagara Falls gave of their time, energy and money to non-Jewish organizations in their city. Parents were involved in the PTA at their children’s schools and community members joined the Lions, Masons, Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimist Club and Chamber of Commerce, as well as political and commercial associations. They also contributed many hours to the Red Cross, the Community Chest and other charitable causes. The women who belonged to Hadassah expressed solidarity with other women’s groups by regularly paying dues to the Local Council of Women, and at different periods, to the National Council of Women as well.

Relations between the Jewish and general communities were also enhanced by the number of well-known Jews who came from Niagara Falls, of whom the whole city was justifiably proud. Notable among these in the earlier years was NHL and AHL centre forward Max Kaminsky. In later years, journalist Barbara Frum, ophthalmologist Harold Stein, surgeon Ron Zuker and criminal lawyers Eddie and Brian Greenspan, were among those who continued to bring honour to the town.

Slideshow of the Festival of Tables, ca. 1972

The Festival of Tables was organized by the Sisterhood. Each table would showcase food served at a different Jewish holiday. Non-Jewish service groups and teachers were invited to the event.

Ontario Jewish Archives, accession 1977-8/12